Leah: Back on Solid Ground

by Karen Lee - Boot Camp Advisor

Leah: Back on Solid Ground

Last week was crazy! After Leah’s lawyer called to say that the short sale had gone through, we started the mad dash to come up with $3,000 for the closing.

We discussed the options, which included borrowing money from family or friends. Leah told me that family was not an option due to their financial situations, but that she did have a best friend she could ask. I cautioned her that I am never in favor of borrowing money from friends, since friendships are too important to strain with loans. So Leah spent most of last Friday calling military sources to try to find a loan or a grant for the $3000.

When I got her email yesterday, telling me that she has the money for the closing, well, let's just say, I can't believe it worked out how it did, but I am ecstatic for Leah and Eric! And after reading her blog post this week, I am also further reminded how much I like Leah and her values. The fact that she and her husband chose not to use money that others might need who are in a more desperate situation, speaks volumes to me about their character!

Now hopefully we can get back to the rest of Leah and Eric's financial situation, as this short sale stress has really been preventing us from moving forward with their financial plans for the future.