Looking Up: THREE Interviews On the Way!

by Lori - Boot Camp Family

Looking Up: THREE Interviews On the Way!

Wow. When it rains, it pours.

Monday this week I got two phone calls – one was to schedule my interview with the University for my Masters Program, and the other was to schedule a job interview. On Tuesday I got another phone call for a job interview with a different organization. One of job interviews is with a government agency, and the other is for a library system. Either one would allow me to get on my feet, but if I could wave a magic wand and have it my way, I’d choose the library position. I guess we’ll see how it works out.

All of the interviews are scheduled to take place between Nov 30th and Dec 2nd. If all goes well, I could be stepping into full-time work AND my master program at the same time! I’m excited about the opportunities, and there’s a sense of overwhelm too. If that is how it works out, the first few weeks will tough, I’m sure, but I also know that in the bigger picture, it will be worth it. I’ll just have to remember to keep breathing as I figure out my new routines!

I had the chance to connect with Derek this week also. He had challenged me last time to consider giving up the PrePaid Legal Membership I have as a way to reduce costs right now. After a few events the past couple of weeks involving my ex, I have to admit, I just can’t let that go. There’s too much up in the air right now, and I may need to use it. Even if I don’t use it, I just feel better knowing that I can until I sort through the other issues.

I have to say how much I’m really appreciating working with Derek. We wound up talking right after a long conversation with my kid’s school principle and I was a bit distracted. He took a few minutes to let me unwind and talk about what was on my mind saying that, although it may not be something he can directly help with as a financial planner, the fact that it’s on my mind and steering my mental energy away from my finances means that it needs to be handled and he’s there to be of support. That really meant a lot to me. It was nice too, to be able to relay the good news about the interviews. I think he’s part cheerleader, part counselor, and part saint – along with being a financial planner.

He has some ideas and wants to talk a bit about how I might be able to build my freelancing into a sustainable income as well, but we’re going to hold off on that discussion until after I know more about the job interviews.

Whatever happens, I’m really appreciating all the wonderful things that are happening in my life. It really feels like things are beginning to come together and move in the right direction. It’s been a long, challenging year, but I’m grateful for all that has – and is – coming out of it.