Memory Savers

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Memory Savers

Sometimes the thing that is the most cluttered isn’t the kitchen counter or the closet. Take Karen Konigsberg, Parenting reader, full-time federal prosecuter, and single mom of Kenny, 2, and Keith, 11 months. The things that weigh on her mind and clutter her life are the mail that piles up, the digital photos on her computer, and the minutiae of daily life that she keeps track of  — in her head.

She shouldn’t have to rely on her memory, ¿ organizer [XREF “1047020_7” “Janine Sarna-Jones”] says. If she can get systems in place, keeping track of the mail and other tasks won’t seem so daunting. ¿ She recommends:

A file to sort the mail. With slots for bills, coupons, invitations, and more, a sorter makes it easy to find a home for every piece of paper. It’s a big relief to have a process that makes sense, ¿ Konigsberg says. My mail is much easier to handle now. ¿

A photo printer to help get those shots where she really wants them  — into albums and frames. She can hook it up to her computer now or print directly from her memory card when she takes new pictures.

A monthly planner so she can clear her mind for more important things. Sarna-Jones steers the busy Konigsberg away from pocket-size planners: What mom can fit everything she needs to do in those little things? ¿