Mom-Friendly Laptop Bags

by Lynya Floyd

Mom-Friendly Laptop Bags

Bored with the basic black bag? These stylish totes multitask as much as you do:

KaraB bag
The Traveler Tote by KaraB is chic but practical. Wipe stray crayon marks off the faux lizard skin with water or 409. For $9 more, you’ll get a matching changing pad and wet bag so you can use the tote as a diaper bag. ($80; or 888-527-2270)

Timbuk2 Marina

With a water-resistant exterior and waterproof bottom, Timbuk2’s Marina will keep your PC dry from rain or spilled coffee. There’s room for file folders, keys, a cell phone, and more, so it can be the only bag you carry. ($80; 888-TIM-BUK2)

CC Ollie

Take out the removable computer sleeve in Case Closed’s Ollie, and this lightweight nylon bag with plenty of pockets doubles as an everyday bag for shopping or errands. ($59-$69; or 866-366-0913)

photos: Annie Schlechter