Mom-Friendly Yard Work Products

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Mom-Friendly Yard Work Products

Yard work isn't just dad's work. Single female homeowners and more than half of married women do their yard work, so why not make it easier on yourselves? Here are some lightweight home improvement products to help you get the job done.

Given that 20 percent of recent homebuyers are single females and 53 percent of married women are responsible for basic household maintenance and repair, home improvement has become another responsibility for moms everywhere. As the days get shorter and the leaves fall, it's time for autumn yard work and preparing the house for winter. These lightweight, female-friendly home improvement products from WORX can make these outdoor tasks easier for women everywhere.

WORX AeroCart

For all the times your mulch, flowerpots and picnic supplies have been too heavy to lug from one place to the next, the WORX AeroCart provides the perfect solution. This sleek wheelbarrow provides leverage that makes you four times stronger, so no task is too daunting. The AeroCart holds cylinders, potted plants, rocks and more, and an optional kit can turn your cart into a wagon for the next neighborhood parade. ($159)


The WORX Air is the lightest, easiest blower you'll ever use. The 3.5-pound cordless sweeper comes with eight attachments for all types of cleaning tasks. It can even inflate and deflate pool floats. Make your deck or driveway party-ready in just seconds. And it's a win for parents because at only 61 decibels, it won't interrupt naptime. ($99)


Want to keep up with the neighbors all fall long? The WORX GT grass trimmer does it all to help you have the best lawn in the neighborhood. The cordless convenience of a lithium battery means there's no messy gas or oil to deal with. It weighs in at less than 6 pounds, and it has an adjustable shaft that allows any member of the family to help Mom with cleanup. ($159)


The WORX JawSaw lets you prune tree limbs with the efficiency of a chainsaw but without the fear. This electric tool is emission-free, easy to manage and features a guard so the chain is not exposed. The JawSaw will cut branches up to 4 inches in diameter. In other words, it's perfect for those fire pit logs! ($99)