Moms and Money

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Moms and Money

If we were to peek into your family’s finances, would we see a nice nest egg  — or just the nest? Some credit card charges your husband knows nothing about? See how your bottom line compares to that of the hundreds of moms who took our survey on

Taking stock
How are your family finances?
51% Not too bad, but we live paycheck to paycheck
39% Just fine  — we even save a little
10% Help! We’re drowning in debt

Bringing home the bacon
64% of you say your husband is the breadwinner (14% say you’re the major earner)

Mom, the CFO
59% of you manage the household finances

Mall check
What would you do if you fell in love with a pricey sweater for your child?
53% of you would make a note to check back to see if it goes on sale
30% would turn away and move on
17% would buy it

The big bucks
You tend to splurge most on
1. Stuff for your child
Next: Stuff for your husband, family, and friends, and going out
Last place: Stuff for yourself

Friends and funds
36% of you secretly envy your friends  — they seem to have more
56% think your friends’ finances are similar to yours

What, me worry?
The good news: 40% of you don’t stress about money. But here’s what keeps the rest of you up at night (besides your baby!):
35% Making ends meet day to day
17% Having money for retirement
The surprise: Only 8% of you chose “saving for college” as your #1 worry.

Liar, liar…
36% of you sometimes fib to your husband about your spending. (Hey, he doesn’t need to know what every little thing costs at Victoria’s Secret.)

Opposites attract
Moms’ top money style: A binger who splurges once in a while, but also saves
Dads’ top money style: A spender who loves to shop and have a good time
Good thing moms hold the purse strings!

Prenuptial agreement
68% of you say you and your husband discussed your finances before getting married.

Postnuptial disagreements
66% of you say you and your spouse argue about money. The main sticking point: A lack of savings.

Dollars and sense
Only 19% of you with kids old enough to understand spending and saving actually teach them about it. To the rest of you: It’s time to break out those toy cash registers.

Off the dole
73% of you don’t give an allowance to your child

Feeling lucky
You buy lottery tickets
48% Never
40% A couple times a year
9% Every month or so
3% Every week

Pay up
82% of you think you should get a salary or tax break for all the work you do at home. (Of course it’s all a labor of love, but it’s still labor!)

Just 4% of you said you’d hit the mall if you got a windfall of $1,000. The majority would balance spending and saving it. Now that’s smart money.