Moms’ Money-Saving Tips

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Moms’ Money-Saving Tips

Some of the best money saving advice, posted by moms on our message board

“When you know you are going out with your girlfriends, leave your money at home. Suggest outings to the park or library, but if they insist on shopping, you won’t be tempted if you don’t have the cash! I’ve done a lot of window shopping in the past, and I usually realized that I didn’t need the things I couldn’t afford anyway. If you need more motivation, tally up what you spent on your last few outings and get an average. Then when you go out sans money, you can remind yourself (and your husband) of how much you saved!” –ivegot4

“Save money on electricity by turning off lights and saving up laundry for big loads instead of multiple smaller ones. If you pay for water, it will help in that department as well.” –aseleener

“I called my cell phone company and asked them for a list of all of the features I was paying for. I found out I was paying for stuff I didn’t even use, so we cut back our phone bill by $20 a month.” –KilliansMommy

“I spend a little more on some things that I can make last longer, like juice. I buy V8 Fusion but put only a little in the sippy cup and cut the rest with water. My daughter doesn’t notice!” –ra11en

“My husband and I do our big shopping trip at the beginning of the month. We get all of the pantry staples, non-perishables, and frozen items for the month, including meats that we freeze. Then, I only go back to the grocery store maybe once a week if we need fresh produce or milk. Getting most of the grocery bill out of the way early really helps our monthly budget.” –darplocho

“I am a huge rummage sale junkie. I buy most of my kids’ clothes at them. I even stock up for the next season. You can find great things very cheap and some of them look brand new. Just make sure that you wash and disinfect them. You can buy toys, gear, clothes, and shoes!” –kfiedler

“Call your credit card company and ask for a lower interest rate. With my minimum payment being my second-largest monthly bill behind my mortgage, I was desperate. They lowered my rate from 17.24% to 14.24%.” –aseleener

Buying cloth diapers whenever my daughter is at home, like on weekends, or evenings after daycare has saved a bunch.” –ra11en

“We survive by rarely ever eating out. We pack lunches and cook everything at home. We go out to eat once a week, as a family, to a lower priced joint like Chilis or IHOP.” –rallen

Don’t buy special baby towels, yours will work fine! I use All Free & Clear instead of Dreft.” –nursegina

“I don’t buy bottled water, it’s bad for the environment anyway.” –nursegina

Clip those coupons, girl!” –nursegina

“My church just started participating in Angelfood Ministries, a great program for saving money on groceries. There are no qualifications for buying the discounted food, and the food is great. If there is no ministry in your area, you could start one.” –Theparent24_7

Don’t bother with professional pictures all the time. Take one of your own and get copies done at Walmart. When you do go to a studio, check online for coupons.” –nursegina

“Go to the website of the formula brand you use because most of them offer a program that sends you coupons. Sometimes you can get $5-7 discounts!” –nursegina

Babies usually like to play with boxes, pots and pans more than the toys we buy anyway. Of course, you’ll want to buy some toys, but don’t go overboard. They love your dishes!” –nursegina

“Keep an eye out for good sales. I discovered that Babies ‘R’ Us had the cheapest Isomil formula. I also buy generic diapers in bulk. At first, I was really skeptical on the generic but they have come a long way.” –MomofBrendy

“As the weather gets warmer, try walking places instead of driving (if you don’t live out in the boonies, that is) or bicycling. Last week I walked to a lunch meeting and I walked to get my hair cut. Every little bit helps.” –aseleener

“I do have one little secret that I don’t t hink many moms know about. I shop at Once Upon a Child. They carry clothes, toys, carseats, swings, strollers, etc. Everything is checked out and in very good condition. I pretty much can outfit my daughter for an entire season for $50 more ore less. She has Old Navy, Polo, Gap, and many other name brand clothes and we rarely pay more than $4 per piece. Search online to see if they have a location near you!” –Chelle

“Process your own pureed baby foods.” –nursegina

“Check and see if you qualify for WIC (Women, Infants and Children) or another program to help pay for formula.” –nursegina

“We have a phenomenal second generation kids store here. Non-stained, name brand baby clothes for a few dollars. Check your area phone book for something like that. For as long as my son wears his clothes, why spend $25 on a sweater?” –MomofBrendy