Moving and Relocation To-Do List: 2 Weeks Before

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Moving and Relocation To-Do List: 2 Weeks Before

2 weeks until the move…

Reconfirm moving (and packing) date(s) with movers.

Dispose of flammables and household hazardous waste properly.

Make airline, car and/or hotel reservations if moving long distance or require temporary housing.

Make travel arrangements for your pet(s).

One week until the move…

Pack a box of essentials you will need right away and label “Open this first.” Items that may need to be included in the box: toilet paper, diapers, snacks, change of clothes, prescription medications, cash, important documents, bed linens, and garbage bags.

Pack suitcases with clothes for a few days and any items you want to personally transport (for example, jewelry and/or important files)

Return any borrowed items, e.g. library books, neighbor’s tools.

Collect clothing from dry cleaners and items from repair shops.

If moving into an apartment building, acquire insurance certificates as per the building’s specifications.

Call telephone, electric, cable and Internet vendors to arrange disconnection or reconnection in new location (if making a local move).

If making a long-distance move, locate and call telephone, electric, cable, and Internet vendors in new neighborhood to arrange reconnection.

A few days before the move…

Reconfirm with movers and provide contact information (cell phone number).

Get cash to tip movers and building employees.

Hire and schedule a cleaning service as a post-move courtesy.

Hire a babysitter or pet sitter for Moving Day.

Confirm the receipt of insurance certificates, if needed.

Confirm start date of all utilities.