Moving and Relocation To-Do List: Move-Out/Move-In Day

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Moving and Relocation To-Do List: Move-Out/Move-In Day

Move-Out Day

If movers are packing, oversee packing by movers.

Number and inventory every box (with general content information) using moving and relocation log.

Review and reconcile mover’s inventory with your moving & relocation log.

Confirm and note condition of items during packing.

Empty refrigerator and remove trash.

Count the number of boxes going out the door and confirm against your moving & relocation log.

Before leaving home, check closets, basement, inside stove and other hidden places for any forgotten items.

Lock all windows and doors and leave keys with your broker or doorman.

Sweep the floors of your empty home.

Confirm cleaners are coming to do a courtesy clean.

Move-In Day

Arrive at new home before the movers.

Post signs outside each room to point out which rooms are which.

Check the condition of furniture and boxes as they come through the door. Use your moving & relocation log to direct movers to distribute boxes in appropriate rooms.

Open boxes containing noted fragile items on log to check for damage.

Confirm the total number of boxes coming through the door.

Make note of any missing and/or damaged items from the move.

Direct movers to place furniture in pre-determined locations.

If movers are unpacking, oversee handling of special items.

Request that movers reassemble furniture where necessary.

Tip movers.

Unpack “Open this first” box.

Make every family member’s bed.

Wait for utility hook-ups.

Contact insurance brokers or movers if any household goods were damaged or are missing from the move. File necessary claims.

Start listing of local police and fire stations, doctors, hospitals, post office, library, schools, and other local services.

Go to the post office and pick up any held mail.

Notify the Department of Elections of your new address.