Our Play: 6 Summer Safari Games

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Our Play: 6 Summer Safari Games

6 fun activities that will give everyone jungle fever.

Go on a bear hunt
Make a list of animals that need to be found around the house. Anything’s fair game: the puppy on the toilet paper package, the hippo drawing in your baby’s board book, the barnyard set. Older kids can get creative searching for a llama; you can help steer toddlers toward the stuffies in the toy box.

Make a leopard mask
Cut two eye holes in a paper plate, then have your child paint it yellow. When it dries, he can outline the eyes with black crayon or marker, then dip a pencil eraser in black paint and use it as a stamp to make the leopard’s spots.

Hop like a bunny 
The next time you’re faced with kid inertia and you need to get out the door, tell everyone to move like an animal: Flap your wings like a bird, waddle like a duck, leap like a gazelle, wag your tail like a dog! 

Be animalistic 
With an older kid, play this twist on Geography: Name an animal, then the next person names one that starts with the last letter, and so on. For example: Leopard…Donkey…Yak…Killer whale…Egret…Tiger…Red-headed woodpecker. When someone hits a roadblock, everyone lets loose with a loud beastly call, then the person who was stumped gets to kick off a new game.

Mix it up 
At the Switcheroo Zoo (, kids can create their own wacky wildlife (head of a kookaburra, body of an elephant, tail of a giant anteater). There’s also lots of fun facts about creatures, geography, and habitats. For real animal fun, check out the San Diego Zoo’s live webcams ( and watch the pandas have breakfast or see the polar bears go for a swim. 

Break out in song 
Kids of all ages love animal tunes. Find critter-themed lyrics at