Interactive Pajamas Is A Thing That Actually Exists

by Jeana Lee Tahnk

Interactive Pajamas Is A Thing That Actually Exists

Would you buy your kid a set of scannable, interactive “smart” PJs? 

There are a lot of “smart” products out there already, from phones to cars and even kitchens. Now you can add interactive pajamas for kids to that list. 

Smart PJs, as they’re called, have a special, scannable pattern printed on them from which an app can pull up bedtime stories onto any compatible mobile device.

Right now, only two apps are available, but more should be available in the near future. The dots on the pajamas represent a code and once you pull up the app, you can scan any pattern on the child’s jammies and the coding embedded in the design will pull up a mobile-based storybook, lullaby or picture of animals, depending. Not every dot pattern on the pajamas represents a completely unique interactive experience, but the creators claim that each set of pajamas offer at least a dozen different mobile scenes. 

Kids are already surrounded by technology in their own lives, do you think they should be wearing it now, too? What sort of impact would Smart PJs have on your bedtime routine? Watch the video clip of them in action and let us know what you think

Smart PJs are available now in both boy and girl colors for $25 for kids ages 1-8.   

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