Paying the Price for Convenience

by Natasha And Razak - Boot Camp Family

Paying the Price for Convenience

In between the kids, school, work, and maintaining a household, I'm feeling overwhelmed tracking my day-to-day expenses. Whoever knew that something so big in my life was something that I thought so little about?

MONEY!!! Now, everywhere I go, I get the constant reminder that I need to pay better attention to where, how, why, when, and what I'm spending it.

What I'm finding: When you have so little time available, it's really easy to choose what is more convenient…regardless of the price.

Should I defrost the cutlets I bought last week, or just buy another tray to cook now? Should I make rice for dinner or go to the Chinese restaurant and buy a pint so we can eat faster? I think along with this money management, I need some time management too.