How to Save Kids’ Artwork

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How to Save Kids’ Artwork

You hate throwing away your kid's art—but you can't save all of it, either. Here are some creative ideas for saving and displaying kids' artwork

It's estimated that Andy Warhol created roughly 10,000 artworks during his career. Sound like anyone you know? A child can be prolific, and parents—über-supportive curators that they are—keep all the artistic output. “When everything is precious, nothing is precious,” says Andrew Mellen, author of Unstuff Your Life! So we asked our Facebook fans for some clever ideas.

“We have a ‘wall’ where we hang pieces for six months, and then rotate them out.” —Kassie A.

“The ‘good ones’ become place mats. I laminate them, and we change them out depending on the season.” —Michelle G.

“We scan the drawings, and use them for laptop screen savers or when we're making cards for family members. It's always good to have digital copies.”—Dean L.

“I save the bigger ones to use as gift wrap for grandparents and close friends.” —Secret Mommy

“We hung a string along the playroom wall and use clothespins to hang art. For every one our daughter wants up, she chooses one to come down.” —Jana R.

“The artworks become ‘thank you’ cards. The kids write a little something on the back, and our family loves displaying them.” —Rebecca P.

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