The Search for an Apartment

by Lori - Boot Camp Family

The Search for an Apartment

I’ve begun very actively looking at apartments this past week and am surprised at the prices – they’re better than I thought they would be. I’d prefer a three-bedroom if possible, but I could make a two-bedroom work if the kids are willing to continue sharing a room for a while.

I took a look at a two-bedroom place this week. One of the bedrooms is huge! Rent is $690, they accept cats and it’s in the neighborhood I need to keep the kids in their current school, which is a high priority for me. The only feature it doesn’t have that I’d like is laundry within the unit, but the facilities they do have are good. I was thinking if I go for that one, the kids could take the larger room and I could put up a partition so at least they’d have their own space, if not their own rooms. The community there does have three-bedroom units and I could put my name on the waiting list for one. It’d mean moving again, albeit a short distance, but I could save money in the meantime (my budgeted rent on the preliminary budget is $850) and even once moved the rent would still work.

I’m looking at a couple of three bedroom places over the weekend that range from $750 to $830 per month. One is in the school district, the other is not, although I could use their dad’s address if need be. We’ll see how it goes. When I talked to the kids tonight about the options I’m finding, they were excited to hear that the two-bedroom was near their dad’s – one of my personal hesitations actually – but were willing to share a room as a trade off.

Where ever we find ourselves, there will be trade-offs somehow. I am finding, though, that I’m excited at the prospect of my own place regardless. The idea of being able to get home at least 30 to 60 minutes sooner in the evenings, and come home to a space that is my own is highly motivating right now to say the least. And to see that it could become a reality sooner than I thought (and for a much lower cost) is really exciting!