“Should I Change Jobs?”

by Lisa Tucker Mcelroy

“Should I Change Jobs?”

You’ve been offered an exciting new opportunity, but how would a job switch affect your life as a mom? Before you accept the offer, consider:

Convenience. Will your hours still coordinate with your daycare’s, even if the commute is longer or takes you in another direction?

Benefits. If you love your pediatrician, make sure she’s in the new employer’s health plan.

Perks. Consider if you’ll lose vacation time, or a privilege like the ability to use sick days when your child’s ill.

Retirement savings. If you have a retirement plan, find out whether you are vested. If not, you could stand to lose thousands of dollars.

Family planning. Do you hope to become pregnant soon? The Family and Medical Leave Act covers only employees who’ve been at their jobs for at least a year. Check the new company’s leave policy.

Off-hour commitments. Are there meetings, outings, or seminars that would cut into family time?