Speed Through the Supermarket

by admin

Speed Through the Supermarket

How to shop more effectively
Shop in this order for quicker grocery-store runs:

Orange juice, cheese, eggs, milk
Start at the dairy case. Even though you’ll see the produce first, it’s better to have milk than a cucumber should a tantrum cut your trip short.

It’s near dairy, so grab some now.

Cold cuts
Walk along the back, and the deli counter’s next. If the line’s long, take a number, then hit the aisles.

Pasta, frozen food, cereal, granola bars
Fill your cart with food for meals so there’s less room for junk. Give your kid a snack to cut down on whining.

Diapers, pet food
Pick up heavy items near the end so they don’t slow down cart pushing.

Apples, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers
Fruits and veggies are closest to the checkout lines, so grab ’em last. Plus, they won’t get crushed!