Speedier Supermarket Trips

by Melody Warnick

Speedier Supermarket Trips

Wait a while. Don’t shop on Mondays, when stores are usually wiped out from the weekend and nothing’s been restocked. The best time to go: mid-mornings midweek.

Skip the middle. Only have 15 minutes? Stick to the store’s perimeter. You’ll find the basics you need to throw dinner together  — like dairy, meat, produce, and bread  — without weaving in and out of every aisle. Bonus: You’ll avoid the junk food (and all that whining for it).

Use the buddy system. If you’re going at peak times, let your school-age child grab the bread nearby while you work the line at the deli. Or better yet, hire your neighbor’s teenager to come with you and divvy up the list.

Make a speedy getaway. Try to park your car near the cart corral rather than the front of the store so you won’t have to double back to stow the shopping cart after you offload your groceries.