Spring Chick Surprise

by Amanda Formaro

Spring Chick Surprise

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Spring Chicks

These cute little hatchlings double as a goodie basket. Fill the “unhatched” eggs with candy, coins, stickers or tattoos. For a great way to hand out party favors. Use this as a cute table display, then as guests leave, let them pick out their unhatched chick!

Age: 3 and up (This project is rated VERY EASY to do.)

What you need:

  • Cardboard egg carton, 12 or 18 count
  • Easter grass
  • Colorful plastic Easter eggs (the shiny ones are nice but any will do)
  • Two yellow pom poms for each chick (we used 6 pom poms)
  • Orange craft foam, triangles for beaks
  • Tiny black pom poms for eyes, 2 for each chick
  • Two craft foam wings for each chick
  • White craft glue (Tacky Glue)

What you do:

1. Place a layer of Easter grass across the empty egg cups of the egg carton.

2. Decide how many chicks you want hatched and fill remaining eggs with candy, stickers, coins, etc. Place filled eggs in egg carton.

3. Open plastic eggs that will hold the chicks. Glue a yellow pom pom inside each open egg.

4. Glue second yellow pom pom on top of first pom pom.

5. Glue on eyes, beak and wings.

6. Place hatched chicks into the egg carton.

Helpful hints

* Plastic eggs will be very light if left empty, or if only stickers or tattoos are used. If you prefer not to use candy, add some loose change to the eggs to give them a bit of weight and keep them in the egg cups until they are ready to fly the coop.

* If you don’t have an empty egg carton, just place all your eggs into a shallow bowl and put the bowl of eggs back into the refrigerator.

* Easter grass and plastic eggs are very inexpensive. Discount department stores usually will have the best prices, but watch for sales at craft stores and grocery stores, and believe it or not, drug stores! And, while you may only pay a dollar at the dollar stores, you can probably get the same items less somewhere else.