Stealing Back Sunday

by Jennifer Tzeses

Stealing Back Sunday

Remember when you used to rise at noon and the rest of the day was yours to loll away? You can still enjoy favorite weekend pleasures:


• Switch off sleeping late with your mate; he can take your child on a doughnut run, and you can indulge in uninterrupted zzz’s.

• Pop in a video to keep the kids amused, and flip through that pile of catalogs.


• Arrange a playdate with a mom friend once a month  — as the kids romp, you can gab and catch up.

• Take the family for a walk to the park  — once you’re there, go for a run while Dad pushes the stroller or plays with the kids.


• Sneak in your old Sunday paper-and-cup-of-coffee ritual after the kids are asleep (just make it decaf).