Summer Craft Ideas

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Summer Craft Ideas

Creative, fun things to do in summer with kids!

Kids playing outsideGet a jumpstart on summer with our bright and sunny kids crafts. Go nautical with an Ocean in a Bottle, or dress casual in your own Painted T-shirts.

They’re easy and fun to make!

Ocean in a Bottle (ages 3+)
Create your very own ocean waves in a plastic soda bottle

Painted T-shirts (ages 4+)
Design your own shirt using stamps, paint and imagination

Ball Catcher (ages 3+)
Great for children too young to catch a small ball

Natural Sand Art (ages 3+)
These summer camp staples require little artistic technique

Homemade Bubbles and Bubble Blower (ages 3+)
Every kid loves bubbles  — this craft is sure to be a hit