Supermarket Savings: Shopping for Breakfast

by Kamala Nair

Supermarket Savings: Shopping for Breakfast

Save on morning staples (’cause they aren’t getting any cheaper!)
Use white eggs instead of brown. Unlike with bread and rice, white and brown eggs are equally nutritious-different breeds of hens produce the two colors.$avings: 40 cents*

Buy frozen concentrate instead of carton juice. Yes, it’s more labor-intensive, but it’s worth it. $avings: $1.20

Opt for frozen fruit. You can use it when you need it without worrying about it going bad before you can eat it. Plus, frozen produce often retains more nutrients than fruit shipped in from miles away (especially when it’s out of season). $avings: $1.30 to $3.50, depending on the fruit

Swap your cereal for oatmeal (at least a few times a week). Not the individually packaged kind, which is just as expensive as cereal, but a container of one-minute microwavable oats. Or buy regular oats in bulk and put some in a slow cooker the night before-it’ll be ready to dole out when you wake up. $avings: $1.70 for one-minute oatmeal; $3.20 for oats bought in bulk

Compare unit costs, not prices. What this means: You want to calculate how much the product costs per ounce or pound. For instance, with a “Family Size” box of cereal, it’s easy to assume you’re getting a better value than with the smaller box. But when it comes to the actual price per serving, the bigger package will sometimes provide less bang for your buck.

*Savings are approximate.