The Get-Real Money Guide

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The Get-Real Money Guide

Use these tips to save some real money

Save big bucks with the pay-it-forward pregnancy chain: A woman passes along a box of clothes to her sister, who gives it to you after her pregnancy. You, in turn, will give it to a friend once you deliver. But if you like your fashions new (or need sharp work clothes), the costs can add up.

Total: $100 to $1,000

Health/medical: You’ll have co-payments ($10 to $15) for your ob-gyn and the pediatrician. Non-covered hospital delivery charges are usually nominal but, depending on insurance, can be up to $500. Add on $50 to $100 for infant medical supplies.
Total: $450 to $1,400

Infant clothing: Like maternity wear, baby togs are often communal. Still, your ever-growing child will need coats, shoes, swimwear, and more.

Total: $250 to $500

Daily care: Simply keeping your tot in diapers for the first year can cost as much as $700. But don’t forget about all the wipes, diaper rash ointment, baby shampoo, pacifiers, burp cloths, and other everyday items your baby will need.

Total: $900 to $1,000

If you’re breastfeeding You’ll need a few nursing bras, nursing pads, a breast pump (the biggest expense here, at $50 to $350), nipple cream, and breast-milk storage bags.

Total: $150 to $500

If you’re bottle-feeding Formula will be the main cost, from $900 to $1200 depending on the type (powdered or ready-to-eat, DHA/RHA-enhanced or not). Luckily, bottles aren’t costly.

Total: $950 to $1,300

Feeding solids: When the time comes (at about 6 months), you’ll need teething snacks, jarred baby food, rice cereal, bibs, and infant tableware — not to mention a good dry cleaner!
Total: $250 to $500