Fun Cooking Tools for Kids That Even Mom and Dad Will Love

by Collier Sutter

Fun Cooking Tools for Kids That Even Mom and Dad Will Love
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Eating together as a family is a priority for most parents because it helps them bond with their kids and learn more about them. But cooking together can be just as important and even more fun. Aside from the promise of lots of sweet treats and one-on-one time with your little helper, you’ll also be letting them in on important life skills early on. Beyond responsibility and safety, cooking can be a way to boost their self-confidence, as they’re motivated to create and complete a project — otherwise known as your chicken dinner — that results in a major reward.


Fun Kitchen Tools To Use With Your Kids




By following directions, and measuring ingredients and experiencing their chemical interaction (ah, the wonders of baking soda!), kids are applying the reading, math and science skills they’re learning in school. Additionally, they’ll gain a better understanding of nutrition labels and know when to steer clear of bad-for-you ingredients that not even mommy can pronounce.


Getting your kids more involved in the kitchen now will get them started on the road to self-sufficiency. Better yet, you’ll spend quality time together as you share favorite family recipes and collaborate on making something delicious. And those are experiences and memories they’ll want to pass down to their own kids.


Here are some of our favorite fun cooking tools and gadgets that kids and parents will love.


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Peanuts Snoopy Hot Dog Toaster


Hot dogs don’t have to be strictly for summer barbecues, thanks to this Peanuts Snoopy Hot Dog Toaster, which makes two franks in just minutes. Just pop the buns and hot dogs into the proper slots, choose your heat setting and you’re good to go — no need to worry about little hands getting too close to a flaming grill.

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Star Wars Darth Vader Flexible Spatula


Your small Star Wars fan will flip over this heat-resistant Darth Vader nylon spatula. Just be sure to turn those pancakes over before they go to the dark side.

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Tovolo Pig Silicone Egg & Pancake Ring


When breakfast rolls around, entice your kid to skip the sugary cereal and opt for some exciting eggs made with this pig-shaped ring. Side of bacon optional.

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Mickey and Minnie Mouse Mixing Bowl and Spoon Set


There's something to be said about your little one having their very own set of mixing bowls and spoons. It not only gets them excited about cooking but also motivate them to tidy up afterward. Mom and Dad will especially appreciate that this Mickey and Minnie set includes two easy-pour bowls with a silicone base to help prevent slips and spills.

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Harry Potter Gryffindor Silicone Spatulas, Set of 3


The Williams Sonoma Harry Potter kitchenware collection is goals for any tiny (or big!) Potter Head. Who needs a wand when you have a set of these Gryffindor silicone spatulas to help you conjure up magical baked goods?

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Disney Frozen Olaf Waffle Maker


Arriverderci, Eggo! This insanely adorable Frozen Olaf waffle maker is about to teach your budding baker that it’s all about the homemade batter. Kids can control what goes into their waffles, adding nutritious ingredients like blueberries and whole wheat flour, before deciding whether to sprinkle Olaf with a light dusting of snowy powdered sugar or drown him in maple syrup. Let it go!

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Joie Piggy Wiggy Little Egg Whisk


From scrambled eggs to smooth sauces, there are no limits to what your kids can whip up with this super cute, stainless steel piggy whisk, which conveniently stands up when not in use.

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Star Wars 8-Piece Cookie Cutter Set


These Star Wars cookie cutters featuring favorite characters like Yoda, Chewbacca, R2-D2 and C3-PO are perfect for decorating with your young Padawan baker. Slip a few into a goodie bag for an out-of-this-world birthday party favor.

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Egg Separator Fish


Separating eggs is always tricky — until now. Your little one can become a master by cracking an egg into a bowl and using this squeezable fish to suck up the yolk and spit it into another bowl. Sounds gross — and the kids will love it!

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Spaghetti Monster Colander Strainer by OTOTO


Get them excited about spaghetti night with this googly-eyed strainer. Keep kids far away as you pour the boiling hot pasta water into the colander, and then let them give it a shake, transfer the pasta to another bowl and add sauce or seasonings.

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Dinosaur Silicone Pancake Molds


Pancakes are already an all-star among breakfast treats, but these Williams Sonoma dinosaur molds, shaped like a T. rex, stegosaurus and Brachiosaurus, will have any dino fans in the family roaring with delight.

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Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Slow Cooker


Slow-cooker meals are a savior for parents who are juggling multiple kids and busy schedules. Let your kids help prep dinner by having them toss all the ingredients into this fun Mickey Mouse-themed pot and program the settings. Recipes like chicken taquitos, chili, stuffed shells and mac and cheese are super kid friendly and don't require the cooker to be piping hot, so children can safely lift the lid with a potholder and grab their plateful.

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Spiralizer 5-Blade Vegetable Slicer


Using a spiralizer is an epic way to get even veggie loathers excited about eating produce. They can help you as you make everything from sweet potato curly fries to zoodles, but be sure to keep their little hands away from the sharp blade.

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Stackable Colorful Measuring Cups


Time to put those fractions to use! Whether cooking or baking, kids can use these colorful measuring cups to line up their ingredients as they follow step-by-step directions for their favorite recipes.

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Wonder Woman Popcorn Popper


We don’t need a lasso of truth to tell you that popcorn is a must on movie night. And your little one can be a hero by whipping up a batch in this Wonder Woman-themed popper. Instead of microwavable bags that are often loaded with chemicals and bad fats (not to mention the potential for steam burns), you can prepare the crunchy snack in this colorful machine modeled after the Amazing Amazon’s costume and add your own healthy ingredients.

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Tasty 3-pc Cookie Sheet Set with 4 Cookie Cutters


We heart this baking set, which includes four emoji cookie cutters and three nonstick cookie sheets. Kids will give it a thumbs up because the cookies will be just as much fun to bake as they are to eat.

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Gracula Garlic Twist Crusher by OTOTO


Making spaghetti sauce or garlic bread? Take out this vampire-themed garlic crusher, and let your little helper give him a twist to start chopping away. The handy tool can cut, dice or mince and also works for herbs, nuts, fruits and veggies.

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Silpat Perfect Cookie Baking Mat


This non-stick silicone baking mat features round circles that kids can use as a guide for making perfectly shaped cookies. They’ll also learn to be eco-friendly too, since they can reuse the mat instead of of throwing away endless sheets of parchment paper.

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Unicorn Silicone Pop Molds


In the age of extreme unicorn fandom, anyone with mythical creature pride will love making these homemade pops that get an extra magical look from the addition of rainbow sprinkles.

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Chefman Immersion Stick Hand Blender


When whipping up homemade brownie or cake batter, you, of course, can't miss the blending step. Let your little baker help out with this stick blender that’s easy for small hands to hold onto. Expect less of a mess too. Double score!