Tissue Box Night Light

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Tissue Box Night Light

This fun craft assembles like a dream

You need

  • Cube tissue box (It's best to choose one with a nice design on it)
  • Cardstock
  • Craft glue
  • Paper punch in any fun shapes (Optional: You can find a paper punch at any craft store ranging from $10-$20.  They come in many fun shapes and designs.)
  • Craft knife
  • Scissors
  • Marker or pencil for tracing (if needed)
  • LED flameless tea light 

What to do

Preparing the tissue box:
  1. Using a craft knife, cut out the bottom of the tissue box, leaving about 1/2 inch at each edge.
  2. Remove the plastic sheet from the top of the tissue box.
  3. Using a craft knife, cut out a window in the middle of each side of the tissue box, leaving about 1/2 inch at each edge.
Making the windows
  1. Trace four windows using the side of the tissue box on the cardstock.
  2. Using scissors, cut out the four windows.
  3. Cut out shapes in each window either by using scissors or a paper punch.
Assembling the night light:
  1. Trim the windows to fit inside each side of the tissue box.
  2. On the inside of the tissue box, apply glue around the 1/2 inch edge of each side.
  3. Paste each of the paper windows inside.
  4. Place your tissue box night light over the LED flameless tea light.

Caution: You should never use a candle with an open flame with these night lights.

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