Top Crafts Kits for the Creatively Impaired

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Top Crafts Kits for the Creatively Impaired

Do you find yourself feeling guilty for not doing crafts with your kids because you just didn't inherit the crafting gene? Try these all-in-one kits that make crafting a breeze. You might just feel creative after all.

Elmer's Early Learners Academy Craft Kit

The Elmer's Early Learners Academy craft kit really turns arts-and-crafts time into a well-organized activity that you can get started in a snap. Everything you need to create multiple crafts comes inside a cute metal lunchbox, including Elmer's glue (of course), colored paper, scissors, a paper grocery bag, and step-by-step instructions.

Land of Nod Bits and Pieces Mosaic Kit

Does mosaic art sound as complicated and messy as trying to teach a toddler table manners? Not with the Land of Nod Bits and Pieces Mosaic Kit. This kit gives you precut forms and a variety of mosaic stickers to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces. The best part is that the stickers look like regular paper.

Creativity Can

The idea of crafting can be intimidating if you just don't know what to buy in order to make whimsical kid crafts. With the Creativity Can, everything you need to enjoy a day of themed arts and crafts is included in a handy canister. You can choose from a variety of themes, including music, critters and motion, then open up the can to do a few preplanned craft activities.

Kidzaw Master Kitz

Can you imagine your kids churning out artwork that looks like a Van Gogh or a Monet? With Kidzaw Master Kitz, they can! Each kit contains everything your child needs—from rollers to stamps to stencils—to create a picture or a painting that looks like a well-known masterpiece. The kit also comes with information to educate your little ones about the artist. Then use our tips on How to Save Kids' Artwork.

Artzooka Paper Roll Buddies Kit

Everybody has toilet paper tubes around the house, right? Save some of them to use with the Artzooka Paper Roll Buddies Kit. Inside each box, your kids will find sticker eyes, clothing, hair and accessories to transform leftover tubes into whimsical people and animals. And you can join in for a little parent/child craft time.

Tooby Loops Kit

With Tooby Loops, your kids can sculpt anything they can imagine out of flexible wire mesh tubes. Not only are Tooby Loops safe for ages 5 and up they can also be used to create hair accessories, bracelets, decor and sculptures. And because they don't create a mess, they are perfect to pack in an activity bag.

Alex Toys' My Crafty Kit

When you open Alex Toys' My Crafty Kit in front of your children, all you really need to do is hand over the materials, sit back and watch them use their imaginations. The kit includes a wide range of art supplies, such as googly eyes, glue, pom-poms, crayons, safety scissors, popsicle sticks and more.

Land of Nod Rainy Day Survival Kit

Kids climbing the walls on rainy days? Keep them entertained for hours with the Land of Nod Rainy Day Survival Kit. Each kit contains five preplanned activities that help your children practice fine motor skills while keeping their minds occupied. The crafts supplies come in a stylish carrying case so you can bring them with you to restaurants or playdates.

Artzooka Sockies Craft Kit

Remember making sock puppets as a kid using your dad's old sweat socks and your mom's buttons? Now your little ones can make amazing sock creations with the Artzooka Sockies Craft Kit without having to dig through your dresser drawers. Each kit contains everything you need to make colorful puppets and dolls—even the socks!

Toobers & Zots Construction Kits

It's a belt; it's a crown; it's a dragon! Toobers & Zots construction kits enable kids to create an infinite number of amazing sculptures using flexible foam tubes. The tubes can be bent, sculpted, twisted and connected to make crafts time simple and cleanup-free.