Tori Spelling’s Shrinky Dinks Craft

by Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling’s Shrinky Dinks Craft

The do-it-yourself maven and host of TLC’s Craft Wars shares one of her own favorite crafts to make with her kids

I love crafting with my kids. We have weekly, if not daily, crafting sessions together. It’s an amazing way to bond while giving them the chance to be creative! Stella is usually more interested and says “crafting is my life” while Liam obliges us and participates only until something better—like SpongeBob—comes on the TV. I try to expose them to all different kinds of crafting and I love trying to reinvent things that I loved from my childhood. Growing up one of my favorite things was SHRINKY DINKS (am I dating myself?). I loved coloring the images on sheets of plastic and then watching them shrink in the oven like magic! So, I decided to make DIY Shrinky Dinks with Stella. Here’s how it works:

You Will Need:

  • recyclable #6 plastic (containers work best)
  • permanent markers
  • scissors
  • aluminum foil
  • oven and oven mitts

1. Get #6 plastic containers (I got ours from the salad bar at our local grocery store and we used the lids). Look for the #6 on the plastic.

2. Draw an image on the plastic with a permanent marker (we used Sharpie). Remember the total design will shrink to approximately a third of its original size. Stella colored in the design I drew and even made a few of her own.

Our finished designs!

Next up: Baking your Shrinky Dinks

3. While you cut the shapes out with scissors pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees.

4. Create a tray out of aluminum foil by bending up the sides. Place the plastic pieces on it and, with your oven mitts on, place the aluminum foil on the bottom (lowest position) rack in the oven.

5. Your shrinky dinks will curl up like crazy during the first minute, but will flatten out later. Watch your pieces as the total cooking time will be between 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 minutes (for a large piece like 5-6″ at start).

6. When ready, remove the foil tray while wearing your oven mitts. At this point shrinky dinks are still pliable so you have approximately 10 seconds to flatten the edges down more if need be. Then let them cool.

7. There you go! Kids will be amazed at how the shrinky dinks have magically shrunk. Next, be creative with them. They can be made into jewelry, luggage tags, art, etc.

We decided to turn ours into a t-shirt cuff for Stella. First, I got an old hot pink t-shirt and cut the sleeves to make a strip for her cuff.

Next, I cut small holes near each end of the material, and I cut a long thin piece of fabric to string through the holes.

Then, I knotted each end to make a tie.

I glued the shrinky dinks onto the fabric. Then I tied it on Stella’s wrist and her shrinky dink t-shirt cuff was ready to wear!

Stella loves creating her own jewelry! She totally takes after mom!

Let us know what craft you made with your DIY Shrinky Dinks!

Tori xoxo