TV-free Fun

by Lynne Ticknor

TV-free Fun

The last week of April is national TV-Turnoff Week. Thinking of participating? It doesn’t have to be painful. Try these ideas to beat boredom and take advantage of the whole point of the exercise: spending more time having fun as a family.

Become Hollywood types. Help your kids write a script for their favorite TV show and then act it out.

Break out photo albums and old yearbooks. These’ll make for some good stories  — just don’t get upset when your kid laughs at your awful high school hair.

Start a project that’ll take a while. Whether it’s a puzzle, a Harry Potter book on tape, or a Yahtzee tournament, once you get it going, everyone will look forward to an evening without the tube.

Team up. Do you have friends taking part, too? Invite them over for a friendly family-against-family game of charades or touch football.