Unexpected Events: Sick Child and a Breakup

by Natasha And Razak - Boot Camp Family

Unexpected Events: Sick Child and a Breakup

Money management is the last thing on my mind right now. I have a 10 month old who has infections in both ears and a 105-degree temperature.

I'm going through a messy breakup from my partner of 6 years. Unexpected events throw EVERYTHING off track. I thought we were one and were going to be able to share the responsibility of raising our kids, preparing for the future, and getting out of debt together but now I have to go to plan B. I never really planned for this.

It's difficult to think about what lies ahead, and its especially difficult to know that I'm going to do this alone. Hopefully the successes that I'll have with this Boot Camp will put a $100, green-hued lining on this cloud.