What I Spend Each Day

by Natasha And Razak - Boot Camp Family

What I Spend Each Day

So I finally started sending in my my daily spending figures (I email them to a Parenting editor each night) and I must admit that handling everything via email isn't all that bad. It does help that I got a Blackberry as a gift, though, because I'm not home enough to sit, write the expenses out, and mail them. My fridge went out last Sunday, more than a week ago, and when the repairman came, he said the it cannot be fixed. We’re supposed wait for a call from the landlord to see what the next step will be. Still, my morning expenses are pretty much the same as before that happened. One thing I will admit is the embarrassment I feel when I look at how much I've spent during the day before I send out my email. It kills me to know that I actually spend this much daily!

I got all of my paycheck to go into my credit union checking account, which is now also killing me slowly. I saved about $30 in bi-weekly check cashing fees by doing this, but I think not having my cash in hand makes me spend more! It feels like I'm always taking money out. I get scared to look at the ATM receipt because I know my balance is getting low and this money needs to last me until next Wednesday. I still need to feed the kids, buy gas, and conquer my arch nemesis Target this week. Did I ever tell you about Target? It has the power to make me buy things I never even went there for! I'm going there to buy diapers and wipes for Zion but I am going to have to put my blinders on if I want to leave there with money still in my account.

In regards to the fridge situation, I think I'm going to make a complaint. I hate the fact that the landlord is dragging his heels and if we weren't in court for arrears, I honestly think this would have been done by now. It’s starting to eat into my pockets because even when I cook, I can't keep it for the next day.

My first few days of spending:

Jan 19
$28 in cabs
$180 in tow fees
$1.25 muffin
$5.50 for taco lunch
$14 for Chinese food dinner (why was I buying Chinese? This was when fridge went out and ALL my food spoiled!)

Jan 20
$8 my son’s food for the day, that he’ll have in daycare
$3 bacon and egg sandwich
$1.50 coffee
$5 meatball parm
$10 wallet (see pic below)
$12 groceries to cook for the night since the fridge isn't working…


Jan 21
$1.25 muffin
$6.50 Spanish food
$4.00 organic granola
$1.25. Drink
$13.00 Chinese dinner for myself and the kids