When Weekend Means Work

by Amy Roberts

When Weekend Means Work

For many moms, taking a weekend job can be convenient, since their husbands can watch the kids. But still, it may mean missing out on family time. Ways to build it in:

Choose your hours wisely. Rani Schlenoff of Germantown, MD, a mom of three, likes her job teaching at her son’s Sunday school because they’re both out of the house at the same time. Other moms take evening jobs like waitressing or customer service so they can work while their child sleeps.

Eat together. “Try to enjoy one meal as a family,” says Natalie Gahrmann, our Parenting Mom Squad life coach. If you won’t be home for dinner, sit down to breakfast. Not around during any meals? Bring home an after-dinner treat.

Outsource chores. Have a neighborhood teen do some of your grocery shopping or vacuuming for a few bucks  — the cost is worth it in family-time value.

Stay up late. Plan an occasional nighttime or early-morning date at home with your husband  — and no TV! It can help you keep in touch as a couple.

Set aside a weeknight. “Build more family time into the weekday schedule, since everyone’s likely home,” says Gahrmann. Even just lounging around reading together or playing games can be great for reconnecting.