The Worst Mess My Kid Ever Made

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The Worst Mess My Kid Ever Made

We asked, you answered! Read all about the hilarious messes our readers' kids have gotten themselves into.

When it comes to crazy, kid-made messes—you know, the ones that make you want to slowly back out of the room and pretend you can unsee what you just saw—we bet your little ones have created a few! And when we asked our readers on Facebook to share the worst mess their kids ever made, boy did we get stories! We loved the responses so much that we had to share:

"At my daughter's 3rd birthday party, she dug through grandma's purse and found a lipstick. She covered herself and our brand new flat screen TV with the entire tube of lipstick. Messy but hard not to laugh."
—Christina B.

"I had just completed a spring cleaning of my kids room they had two huge bean bag chairs. I took the covers off to was them and put the youngest two down for a nap. Two hours later I heard some noises and went to get them. They had not napped. They had made it snow! There were little white pieces of foam EVERYWHERE, coating EVERYTHING! My husband and I still marvel at the amount of white foam each bag contained, the fact that our children survived that day and how quiet they were while destroying our day. It has been about six years and I still cringe while thinking about the massive cleanup."
— Patrice R.

"When I was potty training my son he decided it was easier to stick his legos together with his own poop. Needless to say the best way to clean poop off legos is to just throw them away."
— Jessica H.

"My son was a little over a year and he went into the diaper pail and pulled out a poppy diaper and grabbed the poop amd started smearing it all over the wall and carpet…..he also got some on his clothes…..needless to say that's when I lost it because it was EVERYWHERE!!!
—Megan R.

"Vaseline. An entire economy sized tub of it. All over themselves, the playroom and every toy in it. I couldn't even open the door at first because it was so greasy!"
—Kimberly H.

"I have triplets. When they were two one of my boys put his hand in his diaper and rubbed the contents all over their bedroom. The furniture, walls, carpet and even the two other babies were absolutely covered in poo!"
—Sarita H.

"Every time my child throws up (he is four) he screams and freaks out and refuses to throw up in a trash can, bowl, or the toilet…generally the best we can get is getting him to vomit on the laminate instead of the carpet."
— Charlene J.

"My twins were 2 1/2 at the time and they found a brand new bottle of dark blue nail polish in the grocery bags and swiped it without my knowledge. I found out that they took it when they came out of their room covered in blue polish, and so was their room."
—Cami S.

"This last spring I went out side to plant our veggie garden, my husband was inside with the kids. The kids age 2 and 4 at the time decided that they were going to bake. They got out vanilla, almond, winter green, peppermint, annis, and butter extract and mixed it with a multi pack of popcorn seasonings, butter, cheddar, sour cream and onion, and ranch. They then added powdered onion salt and a large SAMs club size of garlic powder. They added some spice as well oregano, basil, tyme. They poured all this in to a bowl to mix. Sadly the bowl they chose was my strainer. Sadly when I came in the "baking" was all over the counter and the floor and in most of my drawers. Sadly we had just deep cleaned the kitchen that morning. Sad times."
—Cassandra B.

"Baby powder everywhere. Both boys wanted to be the sand man from Spider-Man…."
—Francesca G.

"Kid# 2 wrote all over the beige leather sofa with a black sharpie when he was 3. He's 16 now. All is forgiven."
—Norma D.

Has your kid made the ultimate mess? We want to hear about it! Tell us your sticky, icky tale in the comments below!