You’ll Flip Over Target’s Cartwheel App Discounts

by Jeana Lee Tahnk

You’ll Flip Over Target’s Cartwheel App Discounts

App syncs with Cartwheel website, so you can grab discounts at home or on the go

Anyone who has shopped at Target knows how easy it is to go into the store for one item and walk out an hour later with a full cart and a $100 receipt. The store has an uncanny way of making you think you really need the new stoneware plate set, a scooter and every up&up version of what you normally buy. With it being so easy for customers to spend, Target's mobile app called Cartwheel saves the day—and your bank account—with its numerous discounts.

Cartwheel, a free app for iOS and Android phones, lets you browse hundreds of discounts before you enter the store, so you can be more organized with your Target spree and save money on the things you need. You can search through Baby, Toys, Furniture, Grocery, Electronics, Household Essentials and more—all organized by category, or you can simply enter a specific item in the search bar to see if a discount is available. An in-app barcode feature allows you to scan an item and see if an offer is attached to it.

You can add up to 10 items to your Cartwheel by tapping them and then reap the savings when you present your personalized barcode to the cashier at checkout. An expiration date is on every offer, but no limit is enforced on how many times you can use the discount before the deal ends. So, stock up on those baby diapers before the Cartwheel expires!

Signing into the app is easy. You sign in with your email and existing Target account credentials, or you can use your Facebook log-in, which adds a social element that allows you to share deals with friends and family. The app also syncs with the Cartwheel website, so you can find your savings while sitting in front of your computer at home or on your mobile phone in the Target parking lot.

Whether you go to Target looking for things you need or things you want, it's likely that you'll find them on sale through the Cartwheel app.