101 Fun Things To Do in the Summer

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101 Fun Things To Do in the Summer

Summer activities for kids, crafts, outdoor fun, travel ideas, cool-down treats and lots more! We have enough fun summer activities for kids to keep them busy all season.

Before your family has a chance to say, "Mom, I'm boooored!" you can be ready with this list of great ideas. So, slather on the sunblock, grab your shades and live it up this Summer!

Go Play!

Boogie Down in Your Living Room
Download these guaranteed kid-pleasers — some of "your music" is even on the list!

Help Your Little Ones Make New Friends
At the playground or at daycare, sometimes they need a little help meeting new people.

Master the Jump Rope
Games, songs, twirling techniques — proof, once again, that the simplest toys can provide hours of fun!


Let Your Tween Girls Check Out These Sites
She's too old for Club Penguin and too young for Facebook. Luckily, tween girls have sites of their very own.


Try These Ball Games
When kicking, catching, and throwing grow old, don't just toss the ball in the closet. Decorate it with markers, try to catch it with towels, or make up new rules for kickball.


Chill Out with Yoga
They'll have fun trying to balance on one foot, and you'll both get to take a few deep breaths!


Rock Out with Some Musical Toys
Let tinkling melodies and crashing drums be your Summer soundtrack!


Have a Blast with These Outdoor-Only Toys
If you're gonna say, "You kids go play outside!" at least give them some awesome outdoor toys to play with.


Educate Yourself about Their Video Games
Got a video game junkie at home? ESRB's ratings can help you buy the best games for his age.


Let Them Read Graphic Novels
Reading is reading, whether it's a novel or the side of a cereal box. Just make sure you approve of the content! Bonus: struggling readers will benefit from the visual clues to the story.


Get Fit with These High-Activity Wii Video Games

Wii your bootie! These up-off-the-couch Wii video games will have everyone in your family disco-dancing, snowboarding, and swinging light-sabers in no time.


Play with Our Mom-Approved Web Sites for Kids

Moms from our community submitted the ones they trust the most, based on what the site allows and doesn't. No surprise: you'll find Sesame, Nick Jr, and Disney in the mix.


Rainy Day Indoor Games

It's raining and you're all developing cabin fever. Stop the mass exodus to the TV with these fun indoor games.


Sign Your Toddlers Up for Music Lessons
They're ready sooner than you think! If they're ga-ga for guitars, and can focus on a task for 10-15 minutes, it might be the right time.


Play Dress-Up!
Every home is happier when it's filled with unicorns, astronauts, dragons, and fairies!


Let them Surf the Web
More than 2 hours is probably too much, but this study shows that Web surfing can improve communication skills and mental sharpness.


Savor the Summer Nights
Q: Is there anything better than spending a starlit Summer night with your family, chasing fireflies and eating s'mores? A: No. There isn't.


Play Make Believe. A Lot.
Take note: our kids are professional magic-makers! Who else do you know that can turn a sandwich bag into a life preserver? See why imagination counts.


Explore a Museum
Major museums are starting Family Art programs. Find one in your area and tap into your inner Monets.


Wii It Up!
We've rounded up Wii video games for all ages:  Ultimate I-Spy, the bean-bag toss, Connect Four, and more.


Play These Stuck-in-the-Car Games
A sample: Run through the alphabet for a game of I Spy. Give them maps and make them co-pilots. Count everything: cows, trucks, red lights.


Take off the Clown Nose, Mom
Who says you have to be "on" 24/7? Summer free-time presents the perfect opportunity for them to learn how to entertain themselves.


Talk to Each Other!
Who cares about what's on the tube when you can talk to your children about what makes them laugh, or what they think the world will be like in 50 years?


Play in the Dirt
Children as young as 1 can appreciate the dirt under their fingernails. Let them dig holes, sprinkle seeds, and man the hose!


Teach Your Baby to Swim
Once your baby can hold his head up, he's ready for lessons. Find out what happens in an infant swimming class.


Start a Playgroup
The secret: make it fun for both you and your child!


Start Summer Camp
How to send them off to camp with a smile (and deal with homesickness issues).


Learn How to Play Soccer
You don't have to be a full-fledged soccer mom, but it can't hurt to understand the rules of their fave sport.


Host a Super Slumber Party

With all the squealing and the snacking, here's how to make sure they actually sleep at the sleepover


Chill to This iTunes Mix for a Lazy Summer Day
1. Grab this playlist. 2. Sit on a porch swing with your family. 3. Smile.


New Games for Your Day at the Beach
Sandcastles are so last year. Try making shell necklaces, exploring tidal pools, and more.


Having Fun: the Basics
It's never too late to start enjoying the classics — bubbles, swings, and more.


Bring Your Kids' Books Alive
Sitting and reading? Boring! How to make summer reading special.


Have a Safe Summer

Keep 'em Safe on Skateboards (or Bikes, or Scooters)
Maybe they think they're too cool for helmets and elbow pads, but too bad. These are the must-haves for anything on wheels.


Protect Tiny Toes from Hot Surfaces
Their little piggies are quite sensitive! See when to call a doctor, and what you can treat at home.


Introduce Your Baby to the Water
Water play is a cheap and easy way to let your babes cool off. Just don't skip these safety tips.


Be Safe in Your Yard
Clean out the baby pool and the sandbox; avoid bees and mosquitoes.


Keep Kids Safe at the Beach, Pool, Park and More
Protect them from jungle gym madness, poison ivy, and spiders.


Be Safe at the Beach
Don't let scorching sand, rip currents, jellyfish, or jagged shells ruin the day.


Know Your SPF!
Did you know that you should buy new sunblock every summer? Find out why, and learn about other SPF mistakes we all make.


Learn Simple First Aid
They won't make it through the summer without bruises, scrapes, splinters, or bites. So it's best to have some simple home remedies in your bag of tricks.


Don't Use DEET
Well, unless you need to fend off ticks. Otherwise, if mosquitoes are your biggest concern, try these alternatives.


Read Up on 10 Sun Safety Myths
Think your little ones can't get burned if they're under an umbrella? Think again. Learn why, and get info about 10 other sun-safety myths.

Fun For You

Squeeze In You-Time Morning, Noon and Night

Since you can't take the whole day off, these tips for reducing stress and increasing happiness are the next best thing.


Pregnant? Track Your Baby's Growth
Track your pregnancy, week-by-week, online. Sign up for our daily newsletter to get expert advice at every stage!


Ditch the Mom-Guilt
It's sunny outside. Your kids are having the time of their lives. These are the good old days. Time to cut yourself some slack and enjoy the ride!


Get Pregnant (Optional!)
Want to have a baby next spring? Need a rough idea for when you should be doing the deed? Try our fertility calculator!


Try One of Our Quick, Mood-Boosting Ideas (We've Got 21!)
Whether you're just having a bad day or completely at the end of your rope, it helps to have some snap-out-of-it tricks. ('Cause when Mom's happy, everyone's happy.)


Hire a Sitter and Go Out! 

Remember makeup? Remember date night? Isn't it time to leave the house again? If so, you'll need to hire the best sitter possible.


Try These at-Home Spa Treatments
Mom-tested, home spa treatments without spa prices. (Foot baths! Energizing masks!)


Mom & Dad: Bring the Sexy Back!
"I'm too fat / tired / busy." These are familiar excuses and legitimate reasons for not being in the mood. But if you want your mojo back, we've got a plan.


Mom-to-Be: Beat the Heat
It's hard being pregnant in the summer! That built-in radiator certainly doesn't help. Check out these cool-down tips.


Take a Moms-Only Vacation
Craving a grown-up vacation with your best girlfriends? We'll show you how to turn that fantasy into a reality.


Send Us Pix of Hot Dads!
There are some super-hot Daddies out there, and we have the photo galleries to prove it. (What lucky Mamas?) Want to add your photo?


Drink Wine! (Moms and Dads Only)
Once the under-21 crowd is fast asleep, kick back and enjoy a healthy glass of red. Or white. Either way, your heart, bones, and liver will thank you.


Love Your New-Mom Body!
Try our 12-week plan for looking and feeling great!


Name Your Baby after a Flower
How about Daisy, Heather, or Lily? Check out these pretty names, sure to bring a smile to your face.


Feel Like You Just Left the Spa
It's hard to look as fresh as a daisy when your face is melting off. Check out these quick beauty fixes. 


Get the Perfect Ponytail
The difference between frumpy and fabulous? One minute! Perk up your default hairstyle with a few simple beauty tricks.

Summer Snacks, Meals and More

Get Some Fiber, Vitamins, and Calcium at Fast Food Restaurants
Fast food happens. And when it does, you might as well order the most nutritious thing on the menu.


Impress Everyone with These Cookies
Check out the finalists in our cookie recipe contest, and feel free to bring these to your next BBQ.


Make Dinner in 7 Minutes Flat!
Who wants to spend a hot summer night in a hot kitchen? Try these easy, crowd-pleasing, 7-minute meals.


Buy Locally Grown Produce
Local produce can be just as good as organic — and cheaper. Let your kids do some meal planning!


Win Stuff!
C'mon! Who doesn't like free stuff?! Enter to win our giveaways every month.


Make an Easy, Amazing Birthday Cake
It'll just look like you slaved over these pirate, princess, rocket ship, and lady bug cakes (plus 27 more!)


Serve Un-Boring Summer Salads
Move beyond the iceberg lettuce and cukes. Everyone will love these splashes of fruit and seasonal flavors.


Make The. Best. Ice. Cream. Sandwich. Ever!
OMG. This thing is amazing. Warm chocolate chips and soft oatmeal cookies, glued together with creamy vanilla ice cream. Om nom nom nom.


Start with a Good-Morning Smoothie
When the temperature hits 90-degrees before 9 a.m., your whole family will be begging for this healthy, frozen breakfast.


Give the PB&J a Makeover
Put it in a wrap? With carrots? Trust us. It works.


Healthy Baby Snacks
Summer-inspired finger foods for babies.


Simple Frozen Treats
Totally tasty, no-fail, chilly, healthy summer treats.


Yummy Summer Treats, Crafts and Party Ideas
The whole family will have fun with these crafts and recipes designed to cool you down.

Great Gear

Mama-to-Be: Find the Perfect Maternity Swimsuit
Because the only thing more beautiful than a big, pregnant belly is a big, pregnant belly in a bikini!


Get the Latest Beachwear for Your Kiddos
Your beach bums are going to look so cool in these sweet suits!


Get a Go-Everywhere Tote
Every Mom needs a waterproof, fabulous, hold-anything tote!

Awesome Arts & Crafts

Get Artsy with these Sesame Coloring Pages
Great for car trips, restaurants, parties, or just a rainy day indoors. Plus, your toddlers might actually learn a few things!


Make These Cute Ladybugs
Such a classic! All they need is paint, rocks, and some cheap, stick-on googly eyes to create a craft you'll end up treasuring forever.


Try These Messy Outdoor Art Projects
Head outside for a creativity-filled day of collages, sculptures, and exploding paint!


A Summer Fave: Sand Art
Glue + Sand = tons of new art for your refrigerator!


Design Your Own T-shirts
Are your kids in a fashion rut? Give 'em stamps and paint, then let their imaginations loose.

Fun for the Whole Family

Save Money on Disney's Coolest Stuff
There's so much to do with Mickey. Before you go, take this expert advice on how to save, when to go, and the must-sees.


Vacation in a Family-Friendly City
Cities offer enough excitement and variety to keep the whole family happy. Here are some tips for your urban adventure.


Invite the Grandparents to Vacation with You
You'll make some beautiful family memories. And hey, extra babysitters!


Plan a Last-Minute Getaway
You can still get deals on flights and places to stay, if you don't mind a little spontaneity.


Take a Stress-Free Road Trip
Long car rides: treasured childhood memory, or vacation nightmare? Don't miss our master plan for road trip success.


Start a Family Tradition
Planting trees, building time capsules, and more heartfelt ideas.


Volunteer as a Family
Find volunteer options based on what your kids are into. They'll have fun and feel good about themselves.


Take a Family Vacation on the Cheap
If there's a silver lining to a troubled economy, it's the rising number of great travel deals. These 8 tips will get you and your family on adventure mode — for less.

Get Organized

Organize Your Kid's Stuff (and Get Them to Help)
Saying "Clean your room" isn't clear enough. Show them how to help, and we bet they'll take an interest in the fate of their favorite toys!


Get Your Kid the Right Sandals
Her shoe addiction will just have to wait. While foot muscles and arches are still developing, it's important they have the right support.


Get a Head Start on Halloween
For those of you who struggle with costume ideas every year, it's never too soon to start the search.


Bail Out Your Family Budget
From saving big at the supermarket to answering your kids' tough money questions, we're here to bail you out of financial troubles.

Potty Train in Time for Preschool
It's not uncommon for a child who wasn't using the toilet in June to be potty-trained in July. See how to do it.


Practice the 3Rs
Get the scoop on how to reduce, reuse, and recycle.


If you have kids, you have mounds of Stuff. Believe it or not, there is a hassle-free way to sort and save it.


Throw a Killer Yard Sale
Clear out your closets, follow this strategy, and earn some cash! (Then, make sure you buy ice cream for all the hard workers!)


Streamline Bedtime (if you haven't already)
Tire 'em out, wash 'em off, provide some entertainment, don't take no for an answer, and turn out the lights!


Learn 22 Cheap Ways to Go Green!
Summer is the perfect time to go solar, choose cotton, and ditch the plastic water bottle.


Throw an Awesome Birthday Party
Searching for a theme? Need party game ideas? We got your summer birthday how-to, right here!


Prepare for Back-to-School (Sigh.)
Quitting Summer cold-turkey is next to impossible for anyone, much less our little ones. Better to gradually adjust their schedules.