Monster Truck Birthday Cake Design

by Karen Tack

Monster Truck Birthday Cake Design

How to make a monster truck birthday cake with doughnuts


Download the template for this cake now!


Serves 12




  • 1 family size (16 oz) frozen pound cake (Sara Lee)
  • 1 can (16 oz) vanilla frosting
  • 1 cup chocolate frosting
  • Red paste food coloring
  • Yellow paste food coloring
  • 4 chocolate-frosted doughnuts
  • 4 yellow Laffy Taffy or Starburst fruit chews
  • 2 Mentos round white mints
  • 2 red M&M’s
  • 2 yellow M&M’s
  • 4 green Jelly Belly Mint Cremes
  • 2 cups crushed Oreos, optional
  • 3 Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolates, halved, optional


What you’ll need:


  • The lid from the pound cake package or cardboard
  • A bread knife
  • A serving platter
  • 4 resealable sandwich-size plastic bags (Ziploc)
  • Clean scissors


Trimming the cake:


  1. Place the pound cake on a work surface, lengthwise. Make a 2 ½-inch cut crosswise from one short end. Cut a 1-inch thick slice from the larger cake as pictured in the template below. Cut the 1-inch slice in half, lengthwise, to use as the cake’s support.
  2. Trim the lid from the pound cake package, or a piece of cardboard, to the exact size of the largest piece of cake.  Place the cake on top of the cardboard support.
  3. Arrange the two 1-inch pieces of cake side-by-side on a serving platter, about  4 inches apart. Place the cardboard-supported cake on top of the supports for the truck’s body.
  4. Attach the reserved 2 ½-inch piece to the cake base, cut side down, for the truck’s cab (see template).


Frosting the cake:


  1. Spoon the chocolate frosting into a resealable plastic bag.  Spoon 3 Tbsp of the vanilla frosting into a separate resealable plastic bag.
  2. Add yellow food coloring to ¼ cup of the vanilla frosting to tint it a bright yellow. Spoon the yellow frosting into the third resealable plastic bag.
  3. Add enough red food coloring to the remaining vanilla frosting to tint it a bright red.   Spoon 2 Tbsp of the red frosting into a fourth resealable plastic bag.
  4. Press the excess air out of each resealable bag and seal well.
  5. Spread the remaining red frosting all over the cake and make as smooth as possible.


To complete the decoration:


  1. Press 2 of the chocolate-frosted doughnuts on either long side of the cake for the truck’s tires, hiding the small cake supports.
  2. Unwrap and microwave the yellow fruit chews for no more than 3 seconds to soften. Press the fruit chews together and roll out to a 2 by 4 ½-inch rectangle, about 1/8-inch thick. Using scissors, trim the fruit chew into a rectangle with rounded upper corners and press into the front of the cab for the truck’s front window.
  3. Snip a small (1/8-inch) corner from each bags of frosting. Pipe an outline of red frosting around the cab window. Pipe two dots of white frosting to the front engine of the truck and attach the white mints as headlights.  Pipe dots of white frosting in the rear of the cake and press the M&M’s in for the truck’s red and yellow tail lights.
  4. Pipe wavy yellow lines of frosting onto the truck’s hood, next to the front wheels and near the rear of the cake. Add a few white squiggles of frosting to the rear of the cake.
  5. Pipe a lattice pattern of chocolate frosting on the top edge of the doughnuts for the tire treads. Pipe a few lines of chocolate frosting along the back edge of cakes near the taillights.
  6. Pipe some chocolate frosting into the holes of the doughnuts and press the green Mint Cremes in as the hubcaps.
  7. Sprinkle the platter with the crushed cookies and halved Ferrero Rocher chocolates.


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