How to Start a Homework Club

by Gwen Moran

How to Start a Homework Club

For many kids, doing homework together is more fruitful than doing it solo.

Homework clubs are a way for kids to get together, under the supervision of parents or teachers, and do their work in
a quiet, structured environment, says Judith Baer, a teacher and education consultant who runs a club in Shrewsbury, NJ. Some homework clubs are sponsored by schools and libraries, others by private tutoring companies. To get a group together if there isn’t one in your area:

Find a quiet location. Check out community centers, churches, synagogues, or homes with extra space.

Look for four to six families (start by asking friends and your child’s teacher). The kids will still be doing their assignments individually, so don’t worry if they’re not in the same grade.

Hold the meetings at regular intervals, from one to three times each week.

Supply pencils, paper, reference books, Internet access  — and a snack.

Get help if you need it. A retired teacher may be willing to donate time. Baer says it’s a good idea to have a qualified person in charge to give the club members the help they need.