“How We Make Birthdays Special”

by The Editors Of Parenting

“How We Make Birthdays Special”

“When our son turned one, we made a time capsule with letters and sentimental objects from loved ones. It’s a great keepsake, and he’ll open it when he turns eighteen.”
 — Rebecca, Del City, OK

“Every year on my son’s birthday (he’s seven now), I throw him a surprise party with friends and family. It’s so cute because he somehow never suspects anything. When he walks into the room, his eyes light up and he shouts, ‘Oh, Mommy. Thank you! Thank you!'”
 — Keandre’, Roseland, LA

“Since my daughter’s birthday is on December 23rd, we try to make sure it isn’t overshadowed. So we transform the Christmas tree into a birthday tree by decorating it with streamers and ribbons and by topping it off with a birthday hat.”
 — Beth, Cedar Falls, IA

“Every year, I pull out an album of pictures from the day my child was born and tell him a story about each one. He enjoys every minute of it.”
 — Jessica, Jasper, AL

“Before my son wakes up, we decorate his room with balloons, candy, and little toys. We also leave notes around the room from the Birthday Fairy that say such things as ‘Your mom and dad are very proud of you.'”
 — Darci, Luther, OK

“Whoever’s celebrating the big day chooses what’s for breakfast  — and it’s usually something unhealthy like cake or doughnuts.”  — Rachel, Morristown, NJ