Parents Are Calling This Virtual Learning Service a ‘Game-Changer’ Thanks to Its Live Classes and Homework Help

by Bethany Braun-Silva

Parents Are Calling This Virtual Learning Service a ‘Game-Changer’ Thanks to Its Live Classes and Homework Help

Over the past year, families have had to shift in more ways than one. Outdoor play has transitioned indoor, as has dining and working out, while playdates and get-togethers have gone virtual. However, the main change has come in the way kids learn. Online classes have replaced in-person lessons due to Covid-19, and despite the very best efforts by parents and teachers, many kids just aren’t getting the same learning experiences they used to.


It’s no secret that kids benefit from personalized live instruction, where they can ask questions in real-time and get academic support in the areas they need it most. Sure, there are many online educational resources for kids, but most of them lack that live component. That’s why parents have turned to subscription services like Adventure 2 Learning, where live instruction is offered daily.


Adventure 2 Learning has experienced teachers at the helm, offering classes in homework help and academic support. There are classes in standard subjects like math, science, foreign language, physical education, and health, but also those that support children’s emotional health and mental well-being, like and mindfulness. Moms and dads (even grandparents) who may be feeling the pressure to fill in the gaps in their children’s education can find a bit of relief knowing that their kids are getting educational enrichment at the hands of some of the top teachers in the country.


Parents whose kids have taken the live classes rave that they’ve noticed an improvement in their child’s skills and confidence and call the lessons a “game-changer.” Reviewers  also explain that “the engaging nature of the programming made learning fun.” 


Another wrote that the classes actually provided a much-needed break from traditional learning, saying, “A2L’s LIVE after-school content was exactly what our 7-year-old triplet girls needed — fun activity-based classes all led by subject experts in their fields.”


The people behind Adventure 2 Learning aim to make exceptional learning accessible to all and plans start at just $15 per month. This includes five days a week of core enrichment and live instruction. Plus, all the classes are recorded so kids can refer back and rewatch whenever they need a refresher or check out what else is in the library of over 10,000 curricular videos. So you don’t have to worry about kids leaving the platform, they can communicate safely with instructors and other students via the built-in messenger. For Parenting readers, Adventure 2 Learning is even offering special discounts on three-, six-, and 12-month plans, which means you can use the service for as little as $10.80 per month when you sign up here


If you’re feeling like your kids can use a little extra help with their learning, and perhaps a little fun, too, Adventure 2 Learning has you covered.