Seasonal Celebrations

by Barbara Rowley

Seasonal Celebrations

Spring Garden Party

? Decorate with daffodils.

? Have guests paint and plant garden pots and fly kites.

? Serve strawberries and a flower-shaped cake served with umbrella-decorated drinks.

Summer Cool-Off

? Set up wading pools for puddle jumping and toy boat races.

? Hold a water balloon bowling contest (with other kids’ feet as the targets).

? Serve a chocolate cookie ice cream cake

Autumn Pumpkin Party

? Paint pumpkins.

? Make a pumpkin obstacle course and have a pumpkin hunt.

? Serve up harvest food like popcorn and baked apples, plus a jack-o’-lantern cake.

Winter Festival

? Make play-clay snowmen.

? Play board games or dance to party music.

? Serve hot cocoa and snowball cupcakes.