Best Bikes for Kids of All Ages

by Bethany Braun-Silva

Best Bikes for Kids of All Ages
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Bikes are a rite of passage for kids. It’s their first version of (toddler-sized) thrills and independence and a great way to stay active. When choosing a bike for your child, you want to make sure to pick something sturdy and safe. In fact, you may find yourself purchasing several different bikes for your child as they grow.


Plus, you can start your child on a bike early on. Toddlers can learn to pedal or balance before their 4th birthday thanks for big wheel or balance bikes. As your child grows you can teach them on a bike with removable training wheels and watch with pride as they take their first ride without your guidance.


Below, check out our list of the best bikes for kids of all ages to help you navigate the bumpy trail of options for your budding cyclist.


Best Big Wheel: Disney Mickey Mouse & Friends Junior Cruiser

Best Tricycle: Joovy Tricycoo

Best Balance Bike: Strider 12 Classic Balance Bike

Best with Training Wheels: Raleigh MXR

Best Cruiser: Joystar Kids Cruiser

Best Mountain Bike: Mongoose Scepter

Best BMX: Schwinn Sting Pro


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Best Big Wheel

Disney Mickey Mouse & Friends Junior Cruiser


While your kiddos may be too small and clumsy for real bikes, let them learn to pedal and feel the wind in their hair on a Big Wheel. They sit low to the ground, which allows them to figure things out while staying a little safer.

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Best Tricycle

Joovy Tricycoo


A classic tricycle is the perfect in-between model for someone who is still too small to ride a full bike but who has conquered the Big Wheel and is ready to move on to bigger things. The removable handle makes it easy for parents to help toddlers steer until they are ready to cruise on their own. 

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Best Balance Bike

Strider 12 Classic Balance Bike


Learning to balance a bicycle is a hard feat, but what if you're averse to training wheels? Try a balance bike. It's designed to help your child learn how to steer and balance before adding pedals. This Strider bike has an adjustable seat and adjustable handlebar heights as well as a junior version for riders 18 months and up.

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Best with Training Wheels

Raleigh MXR


The classic bike with training wheels helps your child get pedaling down pat while allowing them to worry about balance a bit later. Then, one special day, you can take the training wheels off when they're ready.

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Best Cruiser

Joystar Kids Cruiser


This old-school style bike is great for a lazy summer afternoon of riding as part of a family outing or with friends.

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Best Mountain Bike

Mongoose Scepter


If your family is active and adventurous, take the Kent Super bicycle on the trails with you! It's tough enough to keep up with the great outdoors—and a tireless kid.

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Best BMX

Schwinn Sting Pro


Is your child a daredevil or future star of the X Games? Get him a starter bike like this Schwinn Sting Pro. It features a sturdy frame for stunts, and freestyle handlebar.