Amazon Prime Day

The Best Amazon Prime Deals For Teachers Under $20

by Collier Sutter

The Best Amazon Prime Deals For Teachers Under $20
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Calling all teachers deal-hunting for the next school year: Amazon Prime Day is the easiest time to stock up on both practical buys for your classroom, but also shiny new items that can make your day-to-day a breeze. From a meal-prep bento box to a classroom laminator, we’ve rounded up all the on-sale gear you need (and will love) for a productive school year—while keeping efficient and sane!



Portable Thermal Laminating Machine

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Portable Thermal Laminating Machine


This portable laminator is a great addition to any classroom. Teachers often have to print tons of paper for each of their kids. By laminating reusable worksheets, students can use dry-erase markers and teachers can bring them out again the following year.

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Tile Pro with Replaceable Battery


There's a lot to keep track of with two dozen kiddos to educate—grab a tile tracker on discount so you never worry about losing the keys to the classroom kingdom.

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Rechargeable Electric Pencil Sharpener


In school, where kids are learning and changing their written mistakes, pencils will never go out of style! Opt for this deal on an electric pencil sharpener for the front or back of the classroom.

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Bento Lunch Box Meal Prep Containers


Packing a lunch is a must when it comes to saving money from a teacher's paycheck. Meal-prep can be both easy and eco-friendly with these leakproof and multifunctional bento boxes. Plus, these are dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe, so you can make lunches for the week on Sunday night and keep them fresh in the freezer.

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Rocketbook Everlast Executive and Mini Wirebound Notebook


As the only item on the list over $20, this is splurge-worthy. For the old soul teachers who prefer pen and paper to computers for their memos, grab this deal on a smart reusable notebook that sends your handwritten notes to cloud services like Google Drive, email, Dropbox, Slack, iCloud. Think of all the trees you'll be saving!

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Teacher Stamps for School


For quick grading on homework or daily tasks that don't require feedback, these sweet stamps with words of encouragement are great to have on-hand.

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Elmer's All Purpose Glue Sticks


Glue sticks go quicker than you'd like when it's time for classroom projects. Stock up on an extra 12-pack without breaking the bank.