Amazon Prime Day

This Cast Iron Cookware Set Is Only $70 on Amazon Prime Day

by Collier Sutter

This Cast Iron Cookware Set Is Only $70 on Amazon Prime Day

Whether you’re a master chef or relatively green in the kitchen, one thing every cook can agree on is that the quality of your cookware can help your cooking skills tenfold. But something like a cast-iron skillet on its own, an incredibly versatile and amazing pan to have laying around, can often be an investment. Thanks to Amazon Prime Day, you can snag an entire Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Cookware set for way less than some worthy cast-iron skillets cost on their own.


In this magical set comes a 10.25” Skillet, 10.5” Round Griddle, 5 Quart Dutch oven— all of which can take you one step closer to cooking like Ina Garten, or at least getting a low-lift meal on the dinner table. Cast iron is ideal for cookware as it retains heat well to evenly cooking through whatever’s on the menu. Yup, that means no more undercooking the center or burning one side of your meats.  


Cast iron skillets are hard working pans and crown the whole one-pan easy clean up meal trend. Prepare for your family to be dazzled as you sear things like steak, chicken or other meats with it until perfectly browned and then transfer to oven— no grill or fancy equipment required. 


In the griddle you can also whip up perfect breakfast staples like omelettes, crepes, pancakes in a breeze. As for your dutch oven, it’s large enough to cook tons of pasta for a large family, or slow cooking big batches of soups, to braises and breads.


This newly released cookware set is soon to be our go-to, and we’re running to get it on discount for $70.