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Get Your Amazon Prime Day 2019 Shopping Spree Off to a Flying Start With A Deal on This Holy Stone HS110G GPS Drone!

by Samantha McIntyre

Get Your Amazon Prime Day 2019 Shopping Spree Off to a Flying Start With A Deal on This Holy Stone HS110G GPS Drone!
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Mom and dad get set for some high flying fun with the kids while sending your Holy Stone HS110G GPS Drone soaring! This user-friendly model has many fab features including a high-resolution, wide-angle HD camera to shoot stunning aerial footage, three different speed modes and GPS satellite positioning. The drone can also be controlled with the remote controller or through the Holy Stone App connected to the quadcopter’s camera, which allows you to map out a custom flight route.


As drones have swiftly become a popular family activity, teen pilots can learn basic maneuvers and perform cool stunts while taking high-quality images. The GPS Follow Me mode on this model can fly on auto-pilot while trailing your steps to take fun action shots or you can switch to the auto hovering feature for awesome selfies. It has a 13 minute flight time and 984-foot control range with a return button to command it to fly back to the controller when the battery runs low. Designed for kids ages 14 and up, the Holy Stone HS110G GPS Drone does not require FAA registration. Become a Prime Member today to take advantage of this Prime Day launch and a long list of other amazing Amazon Prime Day 2019 deals before they fly off the shelves!


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Holy Stone HS110G GPS Drone with 1080P Camera


What Reviewers Are Saying:
“This is my first GPS drone. I was told getting a GPS was important for assisted control. Wow so amazing. This drone was super easy to fly, and It was alittle windy but the GPS keeps the drone right where you want it. There are a few calibrations you need to do before take off. You can be ready for takeoff in just a few minutes. The app is really cool and allows you to control the features of the drone and see everything from altitude, speed and distance. You can even see the battery status of the drone and the controller. Don't worry about needing batteries, everything is rechargeable. You cant beat this drone for the price. It even includes spare parts and tools. You can't go wrong here. So much fun.”