Amazon Prime Day

The Instant Pot Is More Than 50 Percent Off Right Now For Amazon Prime Day

by Collier Sutter

The Instant Pot Is More Than 50 Percent Off Right Now For Amazon Prime Day

Everything you’ve heard about the Instant Pot is true. It’s that amazing. The magical kitchen appliance, which is somewhere between a pressure cooker and slow cooker, is massively on sale for Prime Day. You can check out with the Instant Pot DUO Plus 6 6-qt electric pressure cooker for $55.99 todayan impressive new low, as it’s usual sale price is rarely under $90. For that reason, this will definitely sell out.


The appliance gets the love and attention it does thanks to its ability to put dinner on the table way faster—whether you’re cooking for your family or a crowd of guests. While saving you time spent out of the kitchen, the gadget also allows you to eat and serve healthier dishes. On its rice-maker setting, you can seamlessly whip up a speedy vat of brown rice or quinoa and then steam up a batch of veggies to pair with it by the click of a button. This also means way less dirty pots and pans stacked up in the kitchen sink. Plus, you can skip all the excess of butter and oil fat you use when cooking stovetop, too. 


This on-sale model holds 6 quarts of food, and when it comes to recipes the Instant Pot can handle nearly all the combinations of food you throw in it. From slow cooking stews for a barbecue to cooking up meats in 15 minutes (or even making a cake!), the gizmo does it all. Don’t sleep on this insane sale!