Amazon Prime Day

This Turbo Air Fryer Is an Amazing Amazon Prime Day Deal

by Collier Sutter

This Turbo Air Fryer Is an Amazing Amazon Prime Day Deal


Air fryers are known as the go-to gadgets for whipping up fries, mozzarella sticks or crispy chicken fingers without loads of unhealthy oil. This Amazon Prime Day Chefman is exclusively launching a smaller, sleeker and never-before-seen turbo fryer with digital temperature control, so you never overcook dinner.


We already consider air fryers great to have on hand for kids who love fried finger food. This Turbo Fryer’s rounded shape and portable size won’t take up prime real estate on your countertops either and is easy to bring it along for a weekend at grandma’s house. Its flat basket, which holds up to 3.5-liters of food, is dishwasher safe for a quick and easy clean-up, too. 


In the middle of summer, when the temps are pushing 90 degrees, it’s pretty unbearable to fire up the oven to get dinner on the table. With this fryer you can fry, bake, cook or roast whatever’s on the menu without needing to ramp up the AC.


So far, reviewers are raving about this pick as it allows you to cook in a temperature range of 200 to 400°F without breaking a sweat.


One reviewer says: “This is my first air fryer, and I’m in love. It doesn’t take long to pre-heat. I would recommend checking instructions on whatever food you’re frying (i.e. french fries) as the time required will not be as long as it says in the manual. Crinkle cut fries, at 400 degrees, took about 11 minutes (not the 20 minutes the book said). You can open the basket as often as needed during the cooking cycle, to toss the food, check it, season, etc. The fryer turns off as soon as you open the basket, and resumes the cooking cycle and timer again once it’s closed. Great product and well made. Also, it does not heat up my kitchen like the oven does, so it’s great for summer.”


The Turbo Fryer is $79.99— time to get air fryin’.