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1 cm, needs advice, dad needs surgery

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kinda upset... ill be 39 weeks thursday. Not that i mind him coming later but now my dad needs to have surgery, He has blood clots and the grafts leading to his legs are not working anymore so he has no blood flow. also his arm isnt getting very much either, This surgery is a huge one, will take atleast 12-15 hours, The dr is going to redo everything he has had done, He needs to have this done or he will contunie to be in all this pain(he takes a tons of pills everyday just to keep the pain level down which isnt working anymore,also cant walk whit out being in extream pain) but there is a chance it will not work and will not be able to walk anymore and still have the pain or he will not make it, or a chance of it working and him having less pain and being able to walk a little better, But he wont have it done til my son is born incase he doesnt make it.. I feel awful about this, idk what to do. I really want to be induced now so that he can go ahead and get this done so hopefully he will feel better.

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theres things at home u can try to make ur self go into labor..if u know a chiropractor theres pressure points in ur back that can induce labor..or try castrol and walking alot, even sex..i hope everything works out and ur dads ok!
I wish people would stop suggesting castor oil. It can make mom and baby REALLY sick, so don't do it!!!!!! Walking and sex will help, but unless baby is ready, there isn't a sure way to do it. Nipple stimulation can also work.
You can go see a massage therapist that is licensed in pregnancy massage. We are taught to avoid certain trigger points that induce labor, but you might be able to talk someone into trying to induce you. I hope this helps.
well I know that there are ways that you can try to induce yourself as the ladies before said like trying sex and taking walks. However I just wanted to give you a positive to the beign induced.. We were induced with our daughter who is now 17 months old. It was a great experience! I liked being able to know when it was going to happen.. as in your situation with your dad needing surgery but wanting to meet your little guy first that would be great. There is a chance with any induction that it could end up in a c section and lots of people will point this out to you however there is that chance with going into labor naturally.. the baby could not fit through the birth canal for example.. to be honest with you I dont think we will make it long enough with this pregnancy but I have already talked ot my dr about scheduling an induction at 39 weeks because it is so much easier ot prepare for and she will only do one if your body is ready and dialating and effacing on its own already.. I assume most drs are the same.. I hope that your dad is ok and that I have given you some positive things to look at when it comes to induction. Good luck.. and dont try the castor oil.. I read that it was possible to make the mom and baby very very sick =)
Now they are saying he needs to do it now... but he is sturburn ugh... i think imma call my dr and explain thursday ill be 39 weeks. and id like to do it this weekend, its just i feel bad that he is in all this pain and wont do it, if a c-section happens thats fine with me i heard its not as bad.
good luck and I truly hope that everything works out well for your dad and little bentley.. =)
also im 1 cm and 80%/// AND my boss is the admin at the hospital imma deliver at, so maybe she can work some magic =)

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