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12 weeks pregnant have alot of gas and

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i burp every secend its anoyoing and makes me feel MORE sick does this mean the baby is moving around when i have so much gas ?

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Probably not, you are just pregnant.  Gas is common during pregnancy.  Try taking some GasX chewables to relieve the pressure and help with discomfort.  I get it really bad everytime I'm pregnant.  :)
Me too and I hate it but its all part of the process. Try to watch and see if there is a link between what you eat and how gassy you are. Do certain foods make you more gassy than others and things like that. I would definitely try the Gas-x. Good luck! :)
nope I think its just an annoying syptom of pregnancy... I woudl try watching the things that you eat.. I have found that certain foods or certain places I eat make me have more gas... good luck and remember its annoying now but will be worth it in a few months =)
I'm 11weeks and i just had one of my first appointments and they gave me a list of medications that are safe to take while pregnant for anything from gas, to nausea, to lack of sleep, anything really. So i would ask your Dr. what's safe to take, every doctor is different of course on what they prefer or what they call safe and not safe. It was pretty comforting to know that i don't have to suffer all day every day if I dont want to. Even if i choose not to use anything its still nice to know i can if it's ever unbearable. So just ask your Dr. they may have some suggestions that will work. 

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