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15 weeks and no weight gain. Anyone else not gaining yet?

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Actually lost three pounds since last visit three weeks ago. My pre-pregnancy weight and BMI were right where they were supposed to be so am definitely not trying to lose or was not overweight to begin with. My doctor says its ok but just wanted to know if anyone else is not gaining? I exercise but only moderately a few times a week and am eating way more than I was before. Very little morning sickness in first trimester however it has picked up in the last week or so in the evenings. Just feel like its strange not to be gaining at least a little?

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I haven't gained much weight at all and I'm 30 weeks along.  I had no morning sickness and my appetite was huge!  I actually lost weight up until my last appointment.  At my last appointment, the 27th, I gained 6 pounds.  My midwife isn't concerned; I'm actually measuring 2 weeks ahead!
Dont worry too much about it.. I am just now almost 20 weeks and am just now to the point where at todays appointment I didnt lose and stayed the same.. my dr isnt concerned as long as I can keep fluids in me.. I have had alot of trouble with morning sickness and stuff like that..I am measuring ahead as well even though I am losing the weight.. so the baby is still growing fine.. =)
I am 17 wks pregnant with my 5th child & I haven't gained any weight.  My last baby is just about to be 1 yr old.  I've had 2 sinus infections, which make you feel horrible.  Also I don't really have any particular cravings & I'm really busy caring for the baby I already have.  The Dr. isn't concerned, since I got pregnant nine months after my last delivery, I never lost all that weight.  This pregnancy is different from my others & since I have 4 boys, I'm hoping maybe this is a girl.  I gained weight normally with every other pregnancy.  You will definatly gain weight at some piont.
Im 22 weeks and my last visit was two weeks ago. It's my first baby. I have a joke with the nurse that I don't gain weight either, but I am showing so we are trying to figure out where I'm losing it at!  ;o)  I have gained a total of 2 pounds since my first visit. I am not worried as I am told it will catch up to me. I have had all the tests and everything is normal, I wouldn't worry about it, every BODY is different.  I eat very healthy and feel great! The baby has a very nice strong heartbeat and is very active. I am excited and I wish you the best as well  ;o)
I have lost about 15 pounds and am almost 18 weeks along but I have had alot of trouble with nausia and my appitite is just starting to pick up. My doctor has been monitoring me closely and says that the baby is growing well and gaining weight. So I am sure you have nothing to worry about.
I know what  you mean im going to be 17wks and i have lost about 20lbs from the day i found out, am also very worried all i can say is ask the doc. thats what im going to do when i go in at 19wks.

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