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15 weeks & decline of symptoms

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Has anyone else experienced a decline of symptoms at the beginning of the 2nd trimester? I am no longer nauseated in the mornings, fatigued during the day, or running to the bathroom every two hours. Also, I feel like my stomach is getting smaller, and I have zero appetite. I am worried! Please advise.

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First, don't worry.  Your symptoms sound right on track.  They should decline in your 2nd trimester.  You should regain your energy and spend less time in the bathroom.  Your appetite will come and go though.  I find that if I don't eat small meals or at least snack a little between meals I get lightheaded very easily.  Some of your first trimester symptoms will come back in your 3rd so enjoy being free of them while you can.  The 2nd trimester is supposed to be the best!  In the 3rd you'll get tired all over again, have to go the bathroom a lot all over again (baby bouncing on bladder!!!) and your appetite will vary.  If you are still worried check out the ticker at the top of the page and find your week it should help you know where you should/might be experiencing and what's coming up.  But you sound normal to me!!!  :)
enjoy the second trimester..its the honeymoon phase where everything seems a little more normal. and it goes by sooo fast! (well,it did for em anyways) The third trimestern is when you start peeing every 10 minutes again,and the heart burn comes...ugh...
I agree it sounds more normal then anything so dont worry.. I was told that the second trimester is where the symptoms will get better and then hit again in the third.. You should count yourself lucky I didnt get a break from the morning sickness up until the past few weeks and I am 30 weeks now lol.. so now I am back to having to pee every 10 seconds.. or so it take advantage of feeling more normal during the second trimester and get as many things done for the arrival of your little one while you feel up to it =)

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