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21 weeks and ill

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For about 5 or 6 days everything I eat goes right through me. I keep having upset stomachs and I feel like I can't eat anything. I will mention it to my doctor when i go back, but is there anything ya'll can suggest that would help in the meantime?

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I like to lay on my side on the couch with the lights off when I'm feeling sick. It helps a little with feeling like I'm gonna throw up. I'm not sure what you can do for the upset stomach though. That's always how I get morning sickness because I can't throw up. I have to just deal with it. I hope things get better and you feel better soon. Good luck sweetie. :)
I am 29 weeks along,and the first 3 months I had morning sickness all day every day. I have also had 3 different fevers since getting pregnant. this is what helped me:try drinking those boost drinks.(those carnation breakfast drinks or whatever else you can find as a meal replacement if you cant eat) Those helped me when I was sick because they are filled with lots of vitamins and such. (my doctor told me to do this because I didnt want to eat because everything came back up.) He also told me to Drink Gatorade because of the electrolites. when you are vomiting, or having Diareah, you lose a lot of fluid...and it is very important to keep hyderated. I still drink gatorade almost every day.I hope you feel better soon!

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