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24 wks pg & should i care to inform my babydad about things ?

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I'm twenty- four weeks pregnant and wanting an opinion about the situation I'm in. Me & the father of my child hasn't spoken since we broken up and that was the middle of July. He hasn't tried to call me to see how things are going with the pregnancy. I am wondering if i should care to inform him on how its going if he hasn't made the effort to know?

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I think that since it is his child,you should at least be the bigger person,and call him,let him know whats going on,and give him the option to be in the childs life.if he doesnt,then at least you tried...
You should try.  Like alicia says be the bigger person for the benefit of your child.  It's too easy for him to ignore the fact that you are having his baby if you don't let him know what's going on.  But really it's what you want to do, do you want to let him know?  Do you feel like you should talk to him?  If yes, or sort of, then make the call!
When you guys broke up in July, did he know you were pregnant?  If he did and still doesn't call, etc, I think you should make ONE attempt to contact him, let him know how everything is going, and if he's still stand offish, forget him. ;)
I think you should contact him when the baby is born.. unfortunately if he hasn't cared to check on you since you broke up , you prob won't get a reaction unless it is directly about the baby. ANd if he doesn't respond when the baby is bornthen you should take steps for child support and such because he obviously doesn't plan on helping
yes he knows im pregnant he even knows that we're going to have a boy but yet i havent gotten one call from him. i tried calling him once or twice but he's with his other baby mom who doesnt want us talking and she answers his phone. im sure he knew i called, he even see's me in public and he doesnt care to say anything to me. SO i think i am going to give him a month or so after my son is born and if he still doesnt try to make an effort than yes i am going to serve him with papers.
I personally think he's had all the chance he deserves. He has been really ridiculous if he hasn't even spoken in public. I know all about a dead beat dad. My kids unfortunately do too. I think it hurt them worse having to be forced around him and him not really caring. I think it's a good idea to give him one more chance after your baby is born but if that doesn't work you should do whatever you have to do. Good luck sweetie. :)

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